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Powering the open and decentralized future of AI Video

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Earn rewards for contributing hardware to the Livepeer AI Network.


Access high-speed, ultra cost efficient AI processing for all your media needs.

Announcing the Livepeer AI Subnet

What is the Livepeer AI Subnet?

Livepeer is transforming the Future of AI Video to make it more trustworthy, efficient and scalable.

Livepeer AI Video Startup Program

A bespoke program for disruptive early-stage founders building at the intersection of AI and media

  • $20k USD in grant funding, half up front and half upon successful program completion.
  • $20k USD infrastructure budget that can be applied to both AI inference and video transcoding on the Livepeer network.
  • Mentorship from Livepeer core team plus access to a broader network of advisors.
  • Integration support with dedicated channels and Livepeer Solutions Engineer.
  • Co-marketing and partnership opportunities including activation during Mainnet launch.
  • Go-to-Market support and Demo Day at the end of the program.

Livepeer’s AI Video Roadmap

  • January 2024

    Livepeer's Road to AI Video Compute published

  • January

    Community Treasury approval of AI Video SPE

  • March

    First node operators processing AI jobs

  • April

    AI Subnet Stability Phase complete

  • May

    Community Treasury approval of AI Subnet Optimization Phase

  • May

    Livepeer AI Subnet launched at ETHBerlin

  • June

    Startup Program begins for selected design partners

  • August

    Mainnet Launch with robust Developer Gateway and SDKs

  • September

    AI Network Expansion with open hackathon for new use cases and applications

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